It’s Time to Take a Modern Approach

We empower our customers to be more self-sufficient with all things data.

Data Is Too Complicated and Needs to Be Simple for Everyone to Use

When we look at the current data ecosystem, we see a proliferation and an abundance of data products that are too rigid. They do not address the pain points that enterprises face in their daily operation and growth.

Enterprises are spending heavily on a range of data products and bolting them together to get some semblance of a data fabric. These data products require significant integration and customization work, often resulting in a lack of flexibility.

We saw a need for a data platform that humanizes data and its access, breaks data silos, and transforms companies as they take steps towards data democracy and gaining real-time business insights.

That’s why we founded The Modern Data Company.

Complexity is Abstracted to Empower Customers to Focus on Business Outcomes

The Modern Advantage

Maximize ROI and accelerate your digital transformation.

Traditional Data Platforms

  • Expensive
  • No built-in support for automation
  • Heavy dependency on professional services
  • Built on older technologies and architectures (e.g., Hadoop) with inherent limitations
  • Industry specific focus
  • Limited feature set that addresses only a subset of the data fabric capabilities

The Modern Advantage

  • Faster ROI
  • Unified solution that is fully extensible
  • Built on newer technologies and an architecture that future-proofs enterprises to embrace IoT/5G and similar technologies
  • Out of the box data fabric that is repeatable across verticals
  • Advanced features like app store, metrics observability, and notification engine
  • Modular product that grows with customer needs

Realize value early and build upon it

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