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Who We Are

Founded in 2018 as Rubik.ai, we began with the realization that enterprise-wide data access has been siloed; data was simply not available to the people who needed it. Data engineers and database administrators have been the longstanding gatekeepers who funnel data to analysts and data scientists. We aim to change that by democratizing data access, enabling enterprises to make better data-driven decisions.

When all employees, irrespective of their technical skills or background, can easily explore and analyze enterprise data, then both productivity and market expansion are realized at a faster pace.

Quickly, we discovered just how modern of an approach we were taking verses how other data companies were attempting to solve this problem. Therefore, we felt we needed a new company name to reflect that. Enter: The Modern Data Company.

Our Leadership Team


Srujan Akula

Co-founder & CEO

Srujan has been a C-level executive at multiple startups in the Bay Area, including VP of product for both Intertrust Technologies and Apsalar and co-founder and CEO of Doot. He brings a wealth of product development, management, marketing, and sales experience as a former product manager for Greenroad and TeleNav. Srujan earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Kaktiya University and a master Degree in Computer Science from Kansas State University.

Animesh Kumar

Animesh Kumar

Co-founder & CTO

Animesh is an experienced technology and product leader and a serial entrepreneur. He has been a C-level executive at multiple startups, including VP of engineering at Intertrust Technologies and CTO at Strumsoft Inc where he built high-quality engineering teams. He was also a co-founder at 47Billion and TukTuk. Animesh has built several high-scale, high-performance data platforms and tools, and is an enthusiastic open-source contributor. Animesh graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Electronics engineering from IIT, Dhanbad.

Our Culture

The Modern Data Company culture maintains four primary values: humility, transparency, accountability, and empathy. We never lose sight of the fact that improving the lives of our fellow humans is the ultimate goal of all technology.

When you join our team, you’ll discover a network of co-workers and mentors who are collaborators. Everyone on our team has a unique contribution to make as we work together to craft an individualized approach for our customer solutions.

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